Nearby Road Network

Nearby Road Network

The railway network is 2,167 km long and covers all regions of Tunisia.

About 12 million tons of goods composed of phosphate, building materials, cereals, food products, iron ore, zinc and lead are transported annually

The Tunisian road network covers approximately 20,000 km of paved roads and 500 km of highways extending over the entire country. It links the main urban centres and potential development sites and provides great efficiency of transport services.
The road network, which is constantly being developed, will reach more than 1,000 km of highways by the end of the five-year development plan (2016-2020).

The board of directors of Africa Development Bank (AfDB) has approved funding of more than US$210mn to support road infrastructure projects in Tunisia

The road project is expected to help reduce road accidents and improve road infrastructure resilience. (Image source: Rusty Clark/Wikimedia Commons)

Tunisia’s Road Infrastructure Modernisation Project (PMIR) seeks to rehabilitate 719 km of classified roads, mainly in the country’s inland (West, Centre-West and North-West) governorates.

The project will also undertake periodic maintenance of 2,500 km of classified roads that were upgraded under previous road projects funded by AfDB, the Tunisian government and other donors over the past decades.

In line with Tunisia’s road network upgrading priority programme, PMIR is expected to improve user mobility on the classified road network by reducing transport constraints resulting from the narrowness and structure of carriageways. It will also help to protect the existing road network, while fostering intra- and inter-regional trade and reducing regional social disparities, as well as help reduce road accidents and improve road infrastructure resilience to the effects of climate change.

AfDB’s support comprises a US$158.32mn loan from the bank, another US$50.71mn in loan from the Africa Growing Together Fund and a grant of US$1.68mn from the Middle Income Countries Technical Assistance Fund.

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