Tunisian-Italian Investment Day at the Park, June 14th, 2019

Tunisian-Italian Investment Day at the Park, June 14th, 2019

Emanating from a strong desire to promote their partnership, Zarzis Park of Economic Activities and Confindustria Firenze have agreed to proceed with the implementation of the terms of the Partnership Agreement signed in January 2019.

It is within this framework and under the patronage of Ministry of Industry and SMEs, that Zarzis Park, in partnership with its Italian counterpart in Florence, organized the Tunisian-Italian Investment Day at the Park on Friday, June 14th, 2019.

The delegation of Italian Businessmen, after a visit to Tunis on Thursday, June 13th, accompanied by Mr. Lorenzo Fanara, Ambassador of the Italian Republic in Tunisia, was welcomed by the Minister of Industry and SMEs.

The promotion of Italian investments in Zarzis Park, the organization of partnership between Italian, Libyan, Algerian and Tunisian businessmen and the search for opportunities for the realization of a certain number of manufacturing  projects, are the objectives set by the Zarzis Park Authority for the Tunisian-Italian day.

With a number of participants exceeding 200 businessmen, the greeting of the day was given by Mr. Chaouki FRIAA, General Manager of Zarzis Park and the opening by Industry and SMEs Minister’s Chief of staff.

Enhance by the presence of Libyan Embassy in Tunisia, Mr. Governor of Medenine, Mayor of Zarzis, Deputies of the region and senior officials of Ministry of Industry and SMEs,… Zarzis Park’s General Manager congratulated this presence, wished the event success and pledged their support and assistance for an extended Tunisian-Italian-Libyan cooperation.

On the Italian side, besides leaders and businessmen from Confindustria Firenze, Italian Embassy in Tunisia, Tunisian Consulate in Italy, Tunisian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry took part in this day in Zarzis.

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