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characteristics of Zarzis

Geostrategic position

  • Zarzis is situated in a Strategic Geographic Position in proximity of the African, Middle-East and European markets. It is considered as a Commercial hinged plate in the Mediterranean…
  • Implementation to in an area of an important agricultural potentialities (Seafood,Olive Oil,…);
  • A dedicated Infrastructure…

A varied economic activity

  • A Park of Economic Activities;
  • A Commercial Harbor;
  • An international Airport ;
  • 1.5 million olive trees;
  • International Hotels…

Tourism in the ZARZIS region

  • One of the oldest cities in the south of the Mediterranean;
  • A beautiful seaside view;
  • Hotels with typical architecture;
  • Thalassotherapy centers are available in the region (some of which are among the best in the country);

Zarzis in the Tunisian Map