Zarzis: Best Destination, for Best Investment !

Zarzis is a suitable tourist destination not only for tourists but for investors as well. What made zarzis a well-known destination is the strategic geographical location; it is situated in a Strategic Geographic Position in proximity of the African, Middle-East and European markets, at the southern end of the eastern. It lies on the coast of the Mediterranean, where the climate is mainly dry and sunny, making it a popular tourist destination mixing the old and the traditional.

A large number of global tourists come to Zarzis annually only to see the beautiful mix between the beaches and the Sahara.

The charm of zarzis beauty made many tourists now among the most important investors in it. What attracted these investors first is the nature of the residents of this country; by their welcoming and respectful attitude for all the religions in it. This includes the Islamic, Christian and Jewish religions.

Zarzis is distinguished by much wealth, these wealth have made Zarzis one of the most important investment areas. It is known by important agricultural potentialities such as the cultivation of the olive tree which includes around 1.5 million olive trees.

And these made it one of the most important olive oil exporters to the world through its Commercial Port that is considered as a Commercial hinged plate in the Mediterranean and where Zarzis Park of Economic Activities is based, that contributed, in part, in the creation of the country’s wealth through the major investments it makes, such as the export of dates and seafood. And this is done by facilitating all the procedures of the implementation of its investors.

The beauty of Zarzis city and its wealth is not limited to this.

Do not hesitate to visit it and discover more about it. This destination is an ideal place to invest in the southern part of Tunisia.