Tunisia in a Nutshell

Tunisia presents itself as an excellent example of a Mediterranean country that is also part of the Arab and African world due to the dynamism of its society. Tunisia is also a country that marvelously combines tradition and modernity. It is a country which succeeds in combining its own indefinable charm with other European countries.

Population 11.154 million inhabitants
Life expectancy 75 years
Capital Tunis
Official language Arabic
Currently used languages French, English, German and Italian
Currency Tunisian Dinar (TND)
Exchange (rate 2017) 1 TND = 0.459 Euro = 0.509 USD = 62.009 JPY
Time GMT+1
Climate Mediterranean, 12°C in winter, 30°C in summer (on average)

Source : National Statistics Institute, 2016
Central Bank of Tunisia, 2018


GDP 85,490.7 TND million (at current prices)
Growth rate 0.8 %
Income per capita 7,321.800 TND
Exports 27,607.2 TND million (at current prices)
Imports 39,654.8 TND million (at current prices)

Sources : Central Bank of Tunisia, 2016


FDI flows
2 244,4 MTND
New jobs 10,300

Source : FIPA-TUNISIA, 2017


New Tunisia, New Opportunities!

The living environment in Tunisia